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Korroh by DeliriusEspontanius Korroh :icondeliriusespontanius:DeliriusEspontanius 89 31 Yakone: My lullaby by DeliriusEspontanius Yakone: My lullaby :icondeliriusespontanius:DeliriusEspontanius 29 17 Hero School: Friday Night by lostatsea101 Hero School: Friday Night :iconlostatsea101:lostatsea101 1,122 369
Under the Republic City Sky: Makorra
Republic City was more amazing than Korra could ever imagine. The lights, the people, the atmosphere! Everything was so different from the seclusion of the South Pole. As she looks out of her room of Air Temple Island, she can see the lights cascading on the water and her mind can't help but wander to her first Pro-Bending match. So much tension! The fighting style wasn't what she expected at all. And Bolin seemed nice. She thought about the golden eyed man who had been so reluctant of her at first. What was his deal? In the end he had warmed up a bit but she wanted to break through those walls even more. She couldn't help but think that there was more than he let on. As she let the gentle waves below her lull her to sleep, she thought that this was perhaps the true meaning of meditation.  
Mako climbed to the top of the attic and sat down in his favorite spot. It had a perfect view of the world outside Republic City, s
:iconfinalxfantasyxfreak:FinalxFantasyxFreak 47 34
Mako and Bolin's Parents: What Really Happened by siquia Mako and Bolin's Parents: What Really Happened :iconsiquia:siquia 1,055 139 Say Cheese! by chromeknickers Say Cheese! :iconchromeknickers:chromeknickers 225 34 LoK: Makorra~It's NOT What It Looks Like by LittleMissSquiggles LoK: Makorra~It's NOT What It Looks Like :iconlittlemisssquiggles:LittleMissSquiggles 987 273 Korra: catch me if you can by Minuiko Korra: catch me if you can :iconminuiko:Minuiko 3,090 138 makorra 3 - trolling radio by cola-san makorra 3 - trolling radio :iconcola-san:cola-san 580 50 We Need You, I Need You by justixoxo We Need You, I Need You :iconjustixoxo:justixoxo 557 30
Closer than ever before - a Makorra fanfic
Korra felt ridiculous. She was regretting letting Asami give her a makeover , especially seeing as the copious amount of make-up sitting on her face was starting to itch. She put her hand on her face, but Asami slapped it away.
"Don't touch it! You'll just make it worse!"
"But it itches!." Korra whined.
"Trust me, Mako will totally tent when he sees you!"
Korra humphed, acknowledging Asami was right. It was nice to finally have a girlfriend to hang-out with; it was something she never really got to do between Amon air bending, and other avatar duties. She almost never have any free time. Now that Amon was gone, she didn't have to worry about that. She walked over to the mirror hanging from Asami's bedroom door. She had to admit she looked halfway decent. Her dress(new to the world, new to Korra) hung off her shoulders and made her figure look slimmer. Her hair was perfectly wavy, a traditional water tribe cindet crowning her. Her makeup looked sparse, accenting her eyes. Asami looked s
:iconpuddingkiller:puddingkiller 20 4
Makorra - The Box of Memories
The rain pitter-pattered against the window of Air Temple Island. The Avatar looked out at the world and sighed deeply. Mornings and when it rained were her least favorite moments. That was when memories of the past would try to leave the tightly sealed box she had put them in. The only thing that would make her feel better was to move, so she would practice forms, spar, anything to take her mind off of the memories.  However she was unlucky that today there was no practicing with Tenzin or to spar with Bolin or Mako because they were all trying to plan an attack against Amon. So she was stuck inside.
After two hours of being inside, the avatar couldn’t take it anymore she had to move. “Korra where are you going?” asked Mako surprised at her sudden movement. His eyes filled with concern and worried for her safety.  She had been surprisingly inactive in the discussion today. Most of the time when they planned against Amon, Mako and Korra would end up bicke
:iconmusicbender4:musicbender4 20 6
That one night
That one night
He couldn't sleep so he had decided to take a walk at the beach of Air temple island. It was one of the many times he made this walk after he got in to a fight with Korra a few days ago. It was because of that, that he couldn't sleep again. He wanted to see her but every time he saw here she was training or doing something else important and the only time he saw her doing nothing she disappeared before he even could come to her. But even when he saw here from a distance he saw that she was going downhill that she hadn't slept enough that the pressure of being the avatar was too big. But every time he wanted to ask if she was alright she was gone at the time he went to her. It frustrated him that he couldn't help her, that she avoided him. It frustrated him so much that he even had ask Bolin to ask Korra if she was alright. The only thing she had said to him was ''I'm fine'' and it wasn't something for Bolin to ask more when he got an answer like that. A deep long sign es
:icondevil-of-the-moon:Devil-of-the-Moon 36 33
Putting a smile on my face again (MaKorra)
The night closed his dark colors around the two figures who were standing in the dark alley. A young man was standing right in front of a figure with a mask. Who was behind the mask was a question many had asked but neither of them had gotten an answer. ''what are your orders Amon?'' He asked the  man with the mask. He watched the masked figure with a face that didn't show any emotion. The masked man looked at the boy and said: ''The young avatar has arrived early. We don't want her to feel lonely don't we?'' The boy watched the other figure and nodded. He knew what he had to do…
At the other end of the city on Air temple island was the young avatar busy with her airbending training. Her teacher Tenzin was shouting various of instructions to her and she tried to listen to them and at the same time she tried to use them in training. After a few failed attempts she screamed irritated and turned to her teacher. ''Why can't I airbend? What's wrong with me?'' she screamed fur
:icondevil-of-the-moon:Devil-of-the-Moon 22 9
Makorra Week, Fantasy - Make Me Your Forever Girl
"Are you sure you want to do this, Korra? I love you, I love you so much... but you don't have to do this." Hesitation and worry was written all over his pale, handsome face. 'I just don't want her to do something she'll regret forever,' he thought.
"For the millionth time, just do it, Mako! I love you too, okay? I love you... and I want to spend all my life with no one else; just you."
Her sweet words were music to his ears, and made his heart race at a dangerous pace. It was true; they loved ever other so much that the thought of not being able to spend a lifetime together pained them both. Why? Why was he born a vampire and she a human?They knew that there was only one permanent, irreversible solution to fix it all.
Korra gently placed a hand on his cheek, caressing it. Her bright, blue eyes gazed at his lovingly. Mako sighed, knowing that nothing was going to change this determined girl's mind. They've fallen too deep for each other, neither one could deny
:iconjhaycee-chan25:jhaycee-chan25 28 13


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